I am someone who loves to design and code beautiful things

Getting to know me

I love the fact that a tiny piece of technology can make changes that can blow you away. I've been working with computers in various fields including Development, Designing, Video Editing, VFX, Audio Editing, Machine Learning and lots of other cool stuff. I love to work on anything that has to do with Software Development.

Front End Developer/Designer

I love Symmetric and Minimal Designs and I'm a Huge Gradient Fan

What I do

Logos, Posters, UI/UX, Websites,
Web Design

What I Work With :

  • Html/Css
  • BootStrap/Bulma
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Pen & Paper
  • Adobe XD

Software Developer

I love Programming - specifically Web Development and Machine Learning ( Better yet both together )

Languages I speak :

Python, Java, Octave, Javascript

Softwares/Frameworks/Libraries I work with :

  • Django
  • Mysql/Postgre
  • Android Native
  • Tensorflow/Scikit-Learn
  • GameMaker Studio
  • Arduino/Embedded
  • Linux/Bash
  • Git


I love Helping Others and Sharing technology with my peers

Volunteer Positions Held :

Regional Student
Ambassador to IEEE CS


Technical Coordinator

Devcom Student Club Lead

Notable Projects :

  • Keralarescue.in
  • CSIS 2018
  • Robothon by IEEE SB CEC